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Ajin Lee 

Ajin Lee has received M.F.A. and M.A. with Design in Seoul and London. She has been working on artworks since her solo exhibition in 2018 to focus on creative expressions. The main topic of her interest is 'a living which doesn't define me and feeling myself as I am'. In order to reach this point, she is exploring how to resist external forces trying to control human beings through fundamental elements of people's lives such as clothing, space, and food. She expresses her inner experience as an individual but looks at the other side of the surroundings regarding the social system and customs. Even though she is a performance artist, she does not define the body. She said, "The body, that is what I am so, I am expressed through my body". For several years, she has worked in Turkey, India, New York, and Spain to create a new worldview getting away from accustomed. Now she lives in nature and is still recomposing herself with artistic practice.

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M.A. Design Strategy and Innovation, Brunel University. London. United Kingdom


M.F.A. Space Design. Hong-Ik University. Seoul. South Korea



[Selected Solo Exhibition]

Forgetfulness, Therefore I Am, CICA Museum, South Korea



E.A.T[Eco Art Fair_Sooncheon]  Sooncheon, South Korea


[Group exhibition]

Guerrilla videoprojections in Moabit - Art in Quarantine, ZKU, Berlin, Germany


[Selected Group Exhibition] Art Teleported NY 2020, New York(NY), USA

(Organized by CICA MUSEUM, South Korea)


[Group exhibition]

Opening Performance at Sojae Archive ProjectⅡ, Sojae Creating Community, Deajeon, South Korea


[Solo Exhibition]

Deconstructive Mind, Recycling Space 293, Deajeon, South Korea

Artist Residency Program


AADK Spain, Centro Negra, Murcia, Spain

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