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은신 Hiding

2. 11. 2018

Sojae Archive ProjectⅡ, Sojae Creating Community, Deajeon, South Korea

Live Performance

Running time. 10min.


The coexistence of two beings that are forced to be Stranger from social myth. Sojae-dong(an underdeveloped area), an alienated space in a modern city. And 'I', a heterogeneous entity that isolated itself by not complying with society, feel homogeneous here in Sojea-dong. The comfort that I feel in this alienated alley that meets the ground may be the memory of childhood close to unconsciousness or a nostalgia for a place where we cannot go back. This place that time goes by calm became a ‘Hideout’ for a stranger. During the time I am here, I am being silent, calm and action without intention.


The society in which man is consumed as a particle in a huge system. Was the adaptation to the society where it was taken for granted to encroaches on my inner side? It may also connect to a life that accepts the given environment as it is. It was not changing the situation around me but adapting me to the given environment. I try to think of it here in ‘Hideout’ to resist social myth and to be on the path of self-creation. This artwork is an expression of my will and thoughts while making my own place and spending time here. 

인간들과의 대화는 후덥지근한 여름날씨와 같다.

그 여름의 끝에 내리는 거센 비바람에 자아를 상실한 존재가 표류한다.

참으로, 치사한 삶이구나!

인간들의 횡포로부터 달아난 새끼짐승은 아무 소리도 들리지 않는 곳으로 들어가,

그곳의 모든 문을 걸어 잠근다.

그리고 그는 어두워지기만을 기다린다.

드디어, 모든 사물이 불분명해지는 시간이 되자 인간의 소리와 사물의 소리가 사라졌다.

새끼짐승은 오로지 그 어둠속에서 맡을 수 있는 향기에만 의지한다.

완전한 격리.

여기가 그의 세상이며, 우주였다. 

- 에세이 북 중에서

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