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When I cannot control the external forces I find out space and time that I can completely control myself. What it takes to have the perfect moment is between 3 am to 5 am. Perfect time in silence. It is the only time that all living creatures fall asleep. There is silence. There is a space between the silence and me. Occupying space is a concrete shape and concept is created by language that make me fall into illusions. That is the reason why I get into space and time that I cannot recognize objects and hear no sounds. However, even in darkness and silence, I constantly look for something that exists. And then, lock it in my perception. I have wandered to seek for something existing and fixed, thus making me feel safe. However, the object does not exist as I think it is but only exists in my perception. It is not the object itself that makes our perspective, but how we perceive it.


The place I thought was the perfect moment existing only in my perception. This place, which is available to be escaped from external threats and forces, becomes a space to confine me into my perception. No change can be found here, surrounded by darkness and silence. The place I meet after following the light is the place that I try to escape from my perception. On the outside, I act with the system. It creates another space of perception. That is why I stay here for a while. So, I forget the passing time and try to escape from the cave of perception created by myself and society.

* Work developed during the Residency Program of AADK Spain

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