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이미지 출처. 조계산 송광사 승보전 벽화


ᅠ*The Ten Oxherding Pictures tell the story of the awakening and realization of the true self. In Zen Buddhism, the process to find the truth of self is likened to looking for an ox in the ten steps.



This work has begun with thinking that all the people who want to hit the road is a seeker. Apart from a familiar place means to break away from comfortable and complacent lives. Its comport may make a life accepting the given environment without any doubt. I am also being on my way. However, I am not trying to find my ego as people guess.  Rather, it is to forget the ego tamed by cultural and social customs that want me to settle down the reality.


I use my clothes as a means to express the ego. In the previous work, I have cut out my stuff for pieces. Whenever I go to new regions, I have worn local clothes. Clothes when I wear in travel build relationships between others and I. finally, that become events and occasions in my life. My clothes make me comports and hiding, and sometimes make others perceive me as the object. Clothes itself is also the object that is related to me.


While Following the ego symbolized by clothes, I found an emptiness of I as the monk did in the ten ox herding pictures. For that reason, I’m being forgetfulness, Therefore I Am.

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